5 Best Exercises For Burning the Most Calories in 2020

Today I’m going to be enlightening you on the five best exercises for burning the most calories. But before we get into any high-calorie exercise, we must first understand how many calories are burned while working out.

Now, in general, there are three factors that will determine how many calories you actually burn. First is the height and weight. People who are overweight or obese will burn more calories.

The second is age. The older you get, the slower your metabolism, the less calories you burn.

And the third is intensity. High energy, high oxygen demand and muscle strain, burn many calories. Which means two people can run one mile and burn a different amount of calories when you look at all of these things. But even if you burn too many calories, you run one mile faster when you compare, go one mile.

Now the best exercise to burn more calories will be combined exercise

Exercises that use a larger muscle group compared to one muscle group. That’s because the more muscles involved in exercise, the more calories are burned. Now, although combined exercises such as burpees are very effective in burning calories, they are often very difficult to feed over time. And that is why it is so important to focus on the quality of training and repetition.

Completing each exercise in the right form, you will do much better with these extremely hot calorie exercises compared to finding simple ways to heat up a bit. Burning calories will happen to anything, but you will burn a lot more if you do it right and if you can stay there longer without taking out gas.

So with today’s exercise, I will be showing you, in my opinion, the five best exercises to burn high calorie amounts. I have also created this exercise routine to maintain maximum strength by planning it in a way that will challenge you but allow you to complete the whole process without giving up.


burn calories


So with that being said, we’re going to get into the first test, the one you always see because it works so well, the burpee. And remember, the most important thing is to get this exercise focused on the form. That will allow you to finally burn more calories with each exercise and continue for a long time without getting out. So when you are just starting out, try first to make it as perfect as possible. Eventually, you will be able to build up your patience and resilience. Let’s go for 45 seconds.

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Now the next exercise we will get into will be squat lungs. We will jump from the center to the top. You can slow down but not give up. The more you explode with all the jump, the bigger it will be, and the more calories you will burn. Here we go to the last reps.

When we have. My lower body had already exploded, I was already sweating. This is only for the second operation.

We’re going to take you down the inside and out, open, closed. You get in, jump in and out, get out, and close your feet together. Let’s take it. Keep your inside firm, control your breathing. Don’t stop. Provided full range of motion. Remember that you can slow down if you need to, but do not give up. Keep your heart rate up. The more you do this; you will eventually increase your patience and stamina. You will be able to make this much easier for a long time. All right, where we have it. And now I’m starting to sweat.


We will enter the fourth routine. That would be squats skipping aside. Remember, challenges are difficult but don’t let your form stop. You will walk longer and stronger if you get it right. So focus as much on perfection as possible. We’ll go down, blow up one way, go the other way.

Here it is, finally, right. When we have a connection here and there.

Now for the last exercise, we will go to the high knee taps. It is not as powerful as all the other exercises, but with the last exercise when you feel tired, it will keep your heart rate up and you will be able to maintain high blood pressure for a long time. If you are with me, raise your knees as high as possible.

Remember to breathe through your nose, and then exit with your mouth. If you can learn to control your breathing, you will be able to stay longer. Lastly… as hard as possible. Five, four, three, two, one. where we have it. Five minutes, five exercises, in my opinion, the best for burning a large amount of calories. And I’m already in a sweat And with proper exercise, we were able to maintain our balance without giving up. So if you are following and just finished this with me, congratulations, you have started the release well.

You want to continue doing this routine and work up your strength and endurance to eventually being able to do at least four rounds of it. To get the most benefits from this effective routine, and remember, to get this routine on your phone as well as full access to all my workouts and workout programs I’ve created with specific goals in mind, like getting shredded and building solid muscle with minimal to no equipment, then make sure you go to heriapro.com and become a member.

You’re going to have full access to the programs. And make sure you download the Heria Pro app in the app store or Google Play store to take the workouts with you everywhere.

It’s like having him as a personal trainer in your pocket. And leave a comment down below. Let me know what you’re working on.


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