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Do you have to tell insurance about the dashcam?

Dashcam is a little camera that is attached to the windscreen of your car.

When using a dashcam, you may find that there are actually two cameras being used. One
records from your front windscreen and the other from your back window.

They keep a close eye on the road and record any potential collisions or bumps.

The fact that you’re willing to have your driving habits monitored with a dash cam could help
you save money on your auto insurance.

How does a dash cam work?

While other portable recording devices, such as the camera on your smartphone, can be
switched on and off manually, dash cams are not.

Whenever the engine is running, it will continue to record without any further action on your
part. A second option offered by some cameras is to record only when the car is moving.

Because of this, you don’t have to keep turning it on every time you get in the car. There are
exceptions to this rule if you remove it from the automobile when you aren’t actually driving.

Does having a dashcam lower insurance?

If you have a dashboard camera, you may be able to get a lower auto insurance rate from your

It demonstrates your openness to have your driving observed by others since the camera
doesn’t just capture footage of other cars on the road.

A black box or telematics device can be installed in your automobile, therefore it’s important
mentioning when you’re seeking insurance.

Although it may seem self-evident, insurance companies and law enforcement agencies alike
need to be able to observe what exactly happened on the road on the video.

After telling your insurance company about your dashcam, you may have to pay back any
reductions you received if you later file an insurance claim without the video evidence. The
policy could be void as a result of this

Why could have a dashcam lower insurance?

Car insurance companies have a soft spot for responsible drivers. The lower the number of
claims, the lower the insurance premiums.

Having one’s driving habits documented by an insurance company indicates that the driver sees
themselves as a better driver, according to Alex Kindred, an insurance specialist with The

With so many different dashcams available, the insurance companies who are currently offering
discounts are primarily interested in those that have better picture quality.”

You may also want to install a dashboard camera to protect your vehicle from robbery or
criminal damage. Dashcams with cloud storage can make it easier to recover a stolen vehicle if
you have one.

This improves your vehicle’s security, which may cut your insurance premiums.

What companies do dash cam insurance discounts?

Insurance companies are less likely to offer particular discounts for having a dashcam installed
as they become more popular.

On the other hand, some automobile insurance providers give a variable discount based on
factors such as:

● What brand and model of dashcam do you have?
● Whether or not it’s a long-term solution.
● Crash-recording capabilities of a dashboard camera.

A dashcam will be asked of you when comparing car insurance quotes with us. Send this
information to 132 who can provide more accurate car insurance quotes.


What are the benefits of dash cams?

Dash cams are designed to record video while driving. It’s possible to ascertain who’s to blame
for an accident if the camera captures it.

This aids law enforcement and insurance firms in promptly and efficiently resolving the

Scams like “crash-for-cash” are still a thing on our highways today. Fraudsters purposely damage
their vehicles in order to collect insurance money. When it comes to money laundering, this is a
common method of payment.

They’ll try to make you look like the cause of the accident as part of the fraud. To prove that the
accident was premeditated, the driver has to have a dashcam.

Dashcams equipped with GPS tracking and location settings can provide information on the
location and time of an accident. To the benefit of insurers and regulators, the more
information you can provide, the better.

A parking monitor is usually included with most dashcams. You should be able to turn on the
parking monitor as soon as you park your car. When a car is broken into, the camera senses the
movement of the vehicle and activates the camera, capturing the criminals in action.

Dashcams frequently have parking sensors integrated to aid with maneuvering into tight parking

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What quality does the camera record in?

As a general rule, 1080p is a good resolution for most purposes. An insurer can clearly
understand what is happening in the clip at that resolution.

It’s also a good idea to keep in mind:
● Is there a G-sensor on board? This system is able to recognize when there is a significant
change. Even if the SD card is full, the camera saves these moments for later use.
● Is it equipped with GPS? Some cameras have built-in GPS systems that allow them to
pinpoint the exact location and time of the accident.
● The SD card is included, or is it? You may need to purchase an SD card in order to record
video from the camera.
● Does the dash cam record to the cloud? Being able to access your footage from any
location is a benefit of having it stored in the cloud. If your automobile is stolen and you
need the video to find the culprit, this could come in handy.
Check out customer reviews before making a purchase, just like you would with any other piece
of technology.


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