What to Wear to Look Expensive Regardless of Your Budget

how to look expensive

You don’t have to dress posh to look posh. In other words, your clothes don’t necessarily have to be expensive to make you look expensive. Looking posh and expensive is all about how you carry yourself and your sense of styling. I remember how surprised everyone was at my workplace the other day when they thought the dress, I was wearing must have cost me an arm and a leg and found out the original price, which was only five dollars.

One can wear a designer dress worth thousands of dollars and may still fail to impress others. It’s either because the footwear or another accessory is mismatched or not needed at all or because the hair is not done right. Hence, from the accessories to your hairstyle and makeup, you should take care of everything for your dress to exude class. Above all, you should be confident that it looks good on you, because if you aren’t, no one else will be.

This article will tell you how you can put together a classy outfit without having to squander a huge sum of money.

Tips to Look Expensive in Inexpensive Clothes

Iron Out All the Kinks

Everything that you wear should be well-washed and well-ironed. No matter how costly a piece of clothing is and what famous brand it is from, if it has stains or wrinkles, it’s nothing but a rag.

Maintaining a neat and wrinkle-free look may seem an extra effort, especially when you have a bulging social calendar keeping you rushed off your feet. However, regardless of how pressed you are for time, your clothes should always be clean and pressed. There’s just no excuse!

Get a Good Fit

A good fit can make any piece of women causal and party dresses look good. For that matter, trying on a piece before purchasing it always helps. However, if you are shopping online, you should know your current size, because we keep losing and gaining weight.

When deciding on a fit, leave some room for your body to breathe. Clothes that are too tight or too loose look borrowed.

Do Overdo Anything

Always keep in mind that less is more. Too bright colors, clashing patterns, and extravagant embellishments look cheap and cheesy. If you can’t decide what to wear, go monochrome for a simple yet stylish look. Minimalism and monochromes are timeless fashion trends.

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Wear Light Shades

Light colors such as cream, peach, and aqua create a soft and sophisticated look. See those royal people and politicians? They prefer light hues.

Not only do light colors look stylish and graceful, but they are also easy on the eye. Keep dark colors
for your night look. However, if you like only dark colors, make sure they don’t radiate much.

Remember we used golden and bright colors only for headings back at school? The same rule applies
to dressing.

Wear Whites

Do you know why cricketers wear whites in test matches? White helps them stay cool and acts as a canvas for clear visibility of the red ball. White creates a neat look, and we all want to look neat. So, fill your wardrobe with white. Whether you are a man or woman, you must own at least one good crisp white cotton shirt and one plain white T-shirt.

Go Grey

Grey is another color of the rich. Know Mr. Grey? He wore greys to charm young girls. And just so you know, grey is not for only men. From Victoria Beckham to our very own Jolie, they all appear in this shade from time to time.

Wear a Pearl or a Gem

Jewelry with no pearl or gem is bland. All those royal ladies seem to be fascinated with these precious stones. The much-loved Princes Diana had an exquisite collection.

However, don’t wear too much or very heavy jewelry even if you are getting dressed for a party. For instance, if you wear long earrings, skip the necklace. Should you wish to wear both, go with studs instead of hoops or drops. Again, the simpler, the better.

Avoids Shirts with Large Logos and Text

Wearing shirts with logos covering the entire pocket or some text with a large typeface is a no-no. You’re certainly not a brand ambassador and don’t need to be unless you get paid.

Then, if the logo represents some famous brand, wearing such apparel may be misconstrued as a deliberate attempt at looking rich. You want to look expensive, because the rich don’t try to look rich. They just are rich.

Never Let Dust Gather on Your Footwear

In old times, aristocrats thought that dust on their footwear was a big dent in their pride. Polished footwear was a sign of aristocracy and richness. They used to have common people polish their shoes, instead of doing that themselves. They were, of course, arrogant and treated the poor with contempt.

You sure don’t want to follow them but should keep your shoes clean, because before wanting to look rich, you want to look clean.

Get a Good-Quality Watch

Do you notice rich people? They are all over the place, traveling abroad and attending business meetings and social dinners. Even though they can always look at their expensive phone’s screen to know the time, they always wear a watch.

Wearing a watch helps tell others that you value time. Besides, a good-quality and good-looking watch is the best jewelry you can ever get for your hand. So, if you don’t have a decent timepiece, save some money and get one.

Make a Statement

In the language of fashion, a statement piece refers to an accessory or a clothing item that one uses to establish their personal identity. It’s normally bright and shiny and enhances your overall look. Rhinestone belts, structured bags, and leather jackets make great statements.

Always Buckle Up Your Pants

Skipping a belt when your pants have loops is a sin according to the book of fashion. Belts are unsung heroes. They secure your outfit, giving you a finely structured and neat look. Those who miss belts are careless people who don’t mind their Ps and Qs. Never leave those loops empty if you don’t want to cast that impression.

What to Wear to Look Expensive Regardless of Your Budget

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